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  • I used to play and want to start again, would you teach me?"
    Absolutley! I am here to help all musicians, so I would urge you to get going and contact me for lessons.
  • Do you teach from home or travel?
    I do both. I appreciate parents are busy too and it makes their life easier, hence I travel to certain areas on certain days. I also have a professional home studio which is where I offer tution and also online tution
  • Do you offer exams?
    I do. If you wanted to go down that path, as exams are not for everyone. I would discuss this with you and deisgn a lesson plan to suit.
  • I struggle with reading music, but enjoy playing by ear. Would you help me?"
    Yes, I teach all my students to read music as I feel it is an important tool in our musician locker. I would devise a lesson plan for you that would start on the journey of music reading, whislt we alos worked on your playing.
  • Do you offer advice on buying accordions
    Yes, I can reccomend several accordion dealers to purchase a new or second hand accordion. I can also help with advice on various models and sizes.
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