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BBC Radio 2


Live on BBC Radio 2 with Chris Evans - waiting for my cue

When did I start and How?


I  stared learning the accordion at the age of 5, I think the accordion was bigger than me. My parents eventually found me a great teacher a few years later and was lucky enough to study under Ian Muir (Royal Conservatoire Scotland) I really learned a lot from him and he taught me a great technique. 

What happened next?


I then went on to study music in Edinburgh, working on piano and accordion. During this time I was working on shows and musicals in Edinburgh. One of favourite shows to play was Fiddler on the Roof, such a great score for the accordion. I was very fortunate to then land a job on a cruise ship as Musical Director and I travelled the world for 6 years. 

What do I do now?


As well as teaching both the accordion and piano, I am also a freelance Musical Director, Musician  and Composer. Please visit my other site for more details. Click the icon and it will direct you there. There are lots of videos and music samples. Visit my blog page and get in touch via social media. 

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Will Marshall 
Final thoughts 


If you are thinking of starting or taking the initial step into lessons, my advice would be GO FOR IT. I have been very lucky in what I do and I love trying to help and develop my students on their own musical journey. I love a quote I saw in New York when I was there recently. " You set your own boundaries" 


 Pictures : Live radio session.

 Crossing the Indian ocean

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